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Through consulting services, stakeholder research, data solutions, trainings and engagement campaigns, pie strategy is all about inspiring its business clients, big or small, to connect business success with social progress and environmental preservation, creating shared value for their business and the society.

We are a certified impact business - a certified B Corporation. Our talents, our passion for delivering sustainable change, our practical experience, and our relentless commitment to quality and bespoke solutions are our differentiation. For every project, we assemble a team with the most appropriate experience and expertise.

PIE is a young brand, but its team of talents is made up of experienced sustainability strategists, climate specialists, social innovation practitioners and professional communicators, who have a passion for contributing to sustainable change in our society and are rooted with years of practical experience working with and within corporate and non-profits sectors.

PIE is also a partner of thinkStep, a leading sustainability software solution provider headquartered in Germany and with over 20 years of market experience in sustainability data management and reporting; and a partner of Waara Inc which specialises in the application of renewable energy, carbon offset and advising corporations in Japan on climate mitigation and adaptation.
How we can help your business to grow responsibly.
Create Strategies
As a trusted advisor to top management, helping companies create bespoke corporate responsibility and sustainability strategies, programmes, as well as practical implementation guides.
Individual Approach
As a hands-on trainer designing and delivering workshops and engagement campaigns that help companies build the right knowledge and culture for advancing their sustainability commitments.
Optimize Frameworks
As a data expert that helps companies build the right framework and process in managing its sustainability data for driving operational excellence, product innovation, and regulatory compliance.
Develop Quality Disclosure
As an experienced reporter helping companies develop quality disclosure that is focused, compelling and credible, meeting local and international reporting requirements.
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